4 Types of Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs that You Can Adopt

Long Hair with Bangs

Super long natural hair with bangs will be one the hottest hairstyles of the New Year. Very long healthy, flowing hair with bangs look super gorgeous, flirty and ultra feminine especially when kept gleaming and immaculate. In this article, we are going to focus on a few types of hairstyles for long hair with bangs that you can apply to your hair.

Long sleek hair with blunt bangs
Long sleek straight hairstyle with blunt bangs is a sure traffic- stopper. Let your hair speak for you and create that impressive first impression with the rich texture and mesmerizing shine of your hair. The blunt bangs provide an edgy contrast to the very feminine long sleek straight hair. Create this attention-grabber of a hairstyle by using a flat iron on the hair even if it is naturally straight or to straighten a curly and wavy hair for that super sleek look.

Long hair with highlights
Another proper way to apply hairstyles for long hair with bangs is to provide it with highlights to bring out the best of the length. Long hair with highlights displays lovely color contrasts. If you have natural brown hair, keep the under – layers and the crown in your natural brown shade and provide the lengths with warm golden brunette highlights. Long sleek hair shows highlights to great advantage like no other hairstyle.

Long sleek hair with side-swept bangs
Channel the romantic in you by rocking long hair with side- swept bangs. This is another super sexy super long hairstyle for the coming New Year. Bangs look great on almost any facial type. Side-swept bangs on long sleek hair lengthen a round- shaped face and woks wonderfully with long straight sleek hair or long wavy hair.

Loose curls or super sleek long hair with bangs
Soft loose curls and super sleek straight hair will be very hot hairstyle trend this year. Both long hairstyles are imbued with super sexiness when paired with fringes or bangs. The bangs could be straight, full and heavy falling just above the eyes like the bangs of Sandra Bullock with her long straight hair cut with sharp edges at the bottom. Another take too long hair with bangs is the style worn by Reese Witherspoon with her long soft curls; wispy, long and sassy.

The advantage of hairstyles for long hair with bangs is its great versatility. Well-conditioned, super long hair can make any woman look attractive and fantastic and can be incorporated with layers to encourage body and bounce. And to ensure that your looks don’t get boring, you can style it with curls and waves for a glam-chic look.


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