Easy Tips for Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long Hair

Did you ever face situations when you need to make your hair look good just in a couple of seconds? In this post, we are going to mention a couple of very easy but fast ways in which you can easily beautify your hair. Use the tips in your daily life and always find your hair getting done much ahead of time.


The Bobby Pin

Having a tough time keeping your hair in proper ways? You might consider trying a couple of bobby pins. But always make sure to place the wavy side of the bobby pin against the head and that way you will ensure proper flipping.

Straight hair with Curl Ends

Do you have straight hair and would like to try out some twists in it? You can use rolls to give your hair into foil shape followed by foil wrapping. Now it is a matter seconds for you to use a flat iron with low temperature and make the hair look curly. Such curls last for a day or so easily.

The Locking Technique

The idea is to use a larger hairpin or bobby pin and clip it in the hair in such a way that the pin is placed against the pulling direction of your hair.  It will help you to keep your hair tighter and keep the pin unnoticeable.

Create an Updo

You can easily create an updo just by using bobby pins. Use a teasing comb and bobby pins to secure hair sectioned in between hairline and crown. Repeat the same till you have a couple of sections of each of the sides, with alternating the pin positions. There you’re with an updo!

Dusting Eyeshadow

By dusting an eyeshadow using the same color as that of your hair, you can make the color of your hair look lot more thick.

Ponytail before Fishtail braid

Consider creating a side ponytail just before you decide to do a fishtail braid and secure the tail with an elastic band. You can cut the hair tie once you reach towards the ends of your hair.

Blotting the excess oil away quickly

You can use blotting paper to absorb and remove the excess oil just like weuse blotting paper for absorbing oil from skin. But ifyou do not have any of such paper near your reach, simply get an unused toiler seat cover and blot away the excess oil from hair.

Use Mascara

In case you need to hide some root regrowths or stray grays, consider using mascara with same shade as that of the strays. You might consider not using a couple of hair products when you use the mascara si that you can save your scalp from any possible harm.

Along with the above, there are many other small but significant quick actions that you can perform to get your hair done within a couple of minutes. Just use the list as a checklist and you will see amazing results next time when you are in hurry to go to a meeting or workplace.

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