Silicones for hair – Beauty defenders

Silicones for hair Beauty defenders

Many women and girls dream to grow their hair to a certain length, but those who have already embarked on the path leading to long hair, understand that not all that so simple. To grow long hair gorgeous enough to simply not shave your hair, because looks require serious care and constant attention.

For the growth and strengthening of the hair roots there are dozens of recipes for masks and hundreds of means of industrial production, but one should always remember about hair length and their ends, because their condition primarily seen around. One of the serious problems of long hair is split ends. To avoid this trouble there are many recipes and home made masks, but manufacturers of cosmetics for hair went further and began to use silicones as protection hair ends. What is the essence of such productions?

Agents containing silicones are available in the form of drops in vials dispenser with a relatively small volume. More often they have an oily texture and liquid consistency. They must be used in a very small volume. Depending on the hair length from 2 to 5 drops of well-rubbed in the palms and spread over the last centimeters ends. The principle of operation of such products is property of silicon to form on the surface of a breathable elastic film that protects the hair from damage and negative impact of external factors. This feature is extremely useful for hair, especially for long, as it is prone to such hair damage and most section.

There is another side to the coin of silicone funds. With continued use silicone accumulates in the structure of the hair, scoring in the cuticle, forming rather thick layer of a substance which lets air and nutrients pass, whereby the hair becomes dry and brittle. To avoid such an outcome, such means must be used intermittently. You just need to give your hair a break in the literal sense of the word. On the one hand – silicones are indispensable for long hair that are prone to damage, on the other hand, if you overdo them, can cause hair damage as it can be concluded from the above – everything in moderation! Care, whatever it may be, should bring only benefit and not new problems.

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